5 Reasons You Should Buy a Robot Mop

If you were to make a list of cleaning tasks around your home and rank them in order of preference, it’s probably safe to say that ‘cleaning the floors’ is near the bottom. It’s a necessary evil and one that often gets put off as long as possible because of the hassle and time it takes to do well.

Lucky for you, it’s 2020 and technology is here to save the day. By doing the job for you, robot mops are an excellent way to save time and ultimately do a better job of cleaning your home’s floors.

Here’s why it’s time for you to hop on board the robot mop train and buy one to help keep your home clean:

What is a Robot Mop?

A robotic mop is, as its name suggests, a robotic device that mops floors. You may be more familiar with robot vacuums but robot mops are essentially the same thing, except they mop instead of vacuuming! 

There are many hybrid models that perform both functions (and can even detect when they’re moving to a different type of floor) while others are strictly a vacuum or mop.

The features of a robot mop vary depending on the model. At the very least, all robot mops have the ability to move independently around your living space, have a water reservoir and the ability to attach a mopping pad. 

Beyond the basic functions, the possibilities are pretty endless; wi-fi connectivity for remote control, scheduled cleaning, the ability to return on its own to its charging base, mapping for improved efficiency and more. Features vary depending on the brand and model and new features and technologies are still being released on a regular basis.


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Why You Should Buy a Robot Mop

1. Always Stick to Your Cleaning Schedule

With a robot mop’s scheduling capabilities you’ll never have to use being “too busy” or “too tired” to skip cleaning your house again. 

Many smart mops include app integrations to create a cleaning schedule or for on-demand cleaning done through your smartphone. You can program both the date and time that your mop will run. 

For an extra step of ease and luxury, you might even be able to use your smart home assistant to control your robot mop!

Even if your specific model doesn’t have an automatic scheduling feature, it’s hard to justify skipping cleaning when all you have to do is press the start button! Nothing beats a robot mop to keep up with cleaning on a regular basis and never stray from your schedule again.

2. Save Time and Hassle

Does anyone out there actually enjoy mopping their floors? Maybe...but if they do they’re probably not reading this blog.  

Cleaning your floors is often one of those tasks that get put off as long as possible because of the different products involved, the hassle of moving around chairs and furniture, the waiting time for the floor to dry...

With a robot mop, the bulk of your cleaning (well, at least the floors) is done for you. All you need to do is fill the water reservoir, attach the mopping pad, press the button and then sit back and relax.

Even if you still prefer to do some cleaning by hand every once in a while or for a mess that’s a bit too much for your trusty cleaning robot, your job will be made much easier because of the regular cleaning your robot has done for you.

Whether you run it while doing other things at home or prefer to do it when you’re out during the day, robot mops are an excellent cleaning tool to help save you the time and hassle of cleaning your floors yourself.

3. Clean the Hard to Reach Spots

The back corner of your kitchen, the floor under the china cabinet...it’s not that you want them to be dirty, they’re just hard to get to! Luckily, robot mops can reach all of those tricky spots in your home and keep them clean so you don’t have to. 

If you have some notably hard to reach spots in your home, keep that in mind when purchasing your robot mop. You may want to consider a smaller model that will fit in certain spaces or get one in a shape that’s designed to access harder to reach spots.

You might still need to get in there yourself every once in a while to make sure they’re truly clean, but it won’t be as bad as it might have been in the past if your robot mop has been visiting those nooks and crannies more frequently than you would have in the past.

4. Avoid Slippery Floors While You’re At Home

Slippery floors in your home aren’t just an annoyance, they pose a real hazard to you and your family. There’s no worse feeling than someone unknowingly walking onto a wet floor and it’s too late to stop them.

By running your robot mop during the day when no one else is home you can avoid the risks that post-cleaning slippery floors pose to your family. Just make sure to schedule the cleaning with enough time for the freshly mopped floor to completely dry before anybody comes home.

5. Regular Cleaning Helps Preserve Your Floors

We’ve already talked about how keeping up with cleaning can be a challenge to fit into your busy daily life. The other aspect to consider is the importance of regular cleaning for preserving your floors. 

The longer dirt is left on your floors, the more it gets packed down or stuck into crevices. Depending on the dirt or other debris on the floor, it could even scratch the surface. Running your robot mop regularly will prevent the buildup of dirt to keep your floors not only looking clean but to preserve their lifespan.

Regular, or even daily cleaning, is probably necessary if you have pets that shed, children that track dirt in and out or just in general for high trafficked areas of your house like the kitchen or front entrance. Who has enough time in the day for that?

Set your robot mop to a schedule or push the button when it’s needed to prevent your family’s lifestyle from shortening the lifespan of your floors. That alone can help justify the cost of a robot mop.

Cleaning your floors regularly can also help get rid of allergens to improve the air quality in your home. This is especially beneficial for anyone with allergies, asthma or other respiratory challenges.


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The Non-Robotic Smart Cleaning Alternative You May Not Have Heard of

If you’re looking to up your house cleaning game but not quite ready to go to the robot route, why not try a smart wet/dry vacuum? Many people aren’t aware of this, but there are many smart cleaning devices that use many of the technologies in robot mops and vacuums while still being handheld.

Look at Tineco’s Floor One Smart Wet/Dry Vacuum as an example. While it’s manually operated and handheld like traditional vacuums, it has a range of additional technologies and features to improve and enhance the cleaning experience. 

Some of those special features include an LED display, app integration, smart sensors to detect dirt and adjust suction power and water flow accordingly, noise optimization and more. In other words, the perfect balance between technology and still being in control of cleaning your home.

Better yet, they work well with Sheiner’s cleaning products to get the sparkling clean home from your dreams without damaging the vacuum or any surfaces in your home. Robot mops and smart cleaning tools aren’t always cheap, so the last thing you need is damage caused by using them with the wrong cleaning products.


Have we convinced you to order a robot mop yet? The benefits are pretty undeniable. Robot mops allow you to save time, stick to your cleaning schedule and enjoy the benefits that smart cleaning technology has to offer. Pair them with the right cleaning products and you’ll get a sparkling clean floor without lifting a nail (or bucket).

Looking for cleaning products that work well with your new robot mop? Sheiner’s offers eco-friendly home cleaning products that are safe for your floors and your robot mop while creating an undeniable cleanliness and a pleasant scent.

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