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We know how important the effectiveness of the cleaning products is, when talking about tidying up. Now you can deal with the dirt in the front room, kitchen and the bathroom easily. Sheiner’s offers the great cleaning solutions for all types of surfaces in your house or office: hardwood and wood floorings, carpets and fabrics, engineered and linoleum floors.

We offer you to choose the most convenient option of the cleaner, since we managed to created several formulas and different packages. We have trigger bottle-styled cleaners which make the dispense easier for local use. The other available options are gallon containers with ready-to-use cleaner or concentrate which requires dilution.

Sheiner’s offers different options so you can choose the one, which suits your needs most.

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Choosing Sheiner’s products, you get the excellent cleaning result. Our cleaning solutions care about the beauty of the surfaces, making them to shine again. We are going to make your abode more than clean, by making it spectacular!

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