How to Make an Old Carpet Look Like New (Without Replacing It!)

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Clean, smooth and fresh smelling carpets are an often underappreciated part of a living space. They’re simply there, doing their job day in and day out and certainly not the focal point of the room’s décor.

When a carpet doesn’t look so nice, however, is when it starts to draw attention. Nothing can bring down the look and feel of a home than an old, worn and dirty carpet. Unfortunately, between the cost and logistics, replacing a carpet isn’t always an easy task and you might be stuck with making the most of what you already have.

If a carpet replacement just isn’t in the plans right now, here are our tips on how you can restore your old carpet to help it look like new again.

Deep Clean Your Carpet With a Carpet Cleaner

If you’re serious about making your carpet look like new again, deep cleaning with a carpet cleaner is your first step. Whether you rent a carpet cleaning machine or call in a professional for help, shampooing your carpet with a high-quality carpet cleaner will make an immediate and highly visible difference. 

Deep cleaning your carpet will help remove dirt that’s become deeply embedded in the carpet. This will not only freshen up the look in the short-term, but keep it looking clean and in good condition for many years to come.

Generally speaking, you should deep clean your carpet about twice a year. Ultimately, the frequency depends on how many people live in your house and how much foot traffic your carpets get.

Spot Clean Any Stains

The best way to deal with stains and keep your carpet looking like new is to get rid of them right away. If that’s not possible or there are a few lingering stains, it’s not too late to make a difference. Getting rid of carpet stains can make a huge difference in the appearance of your carpet.


sheiners carpet cleaner - stain & odor remover
Sheiner’s Carpet Stain Cleaner and Odor Remover is one of the many great carpet cleaning products on the market. Simply apply a liberal amount to the stain and let it soak for at least 5-10 minutes. Then vacuum up or absorb the liquid, let the area dry and then vacuum one more time to clean up the area.


If you don’t want to use a store-bought carpet stain remover, you can use some products you probably already have at home. Try club soda or baking soda and vinegar to get rid of stains and restore your carpet to its former glory.

Get Rid of the Old, Musty Smell

Alright, this step may not contribute to the actual look of the carpet, but nothing leaves a worse impression than the smell of an old, smelly carpet!

A proper carpet cleaning as we mentioned above should make a big difference in getting rid of smells that are lingering in your carpet. If the carpet really has a strong odor, it might take a few cleanings. 

When choosing a carpet cleaning product, make sure to choose one that specifically says it’s a deodorizer. Why have a nice looking carpet if it doesn’t smell nice?

If you’re looking for more of a DIY solution to remove carpet odors, baking soda could be your friend once again. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and let it sit for a few hours. Then, vacuum all of the baking powder up and the smell should go away with it!


carpet stains removed

Remove Carpet Indentations Caused By Furniture

Indentations from the weight of furniture take away from the look of a nice and smooth carpet. No one needs to know your furniture arrangement from five years ago!

The first step in removing carpet indentations should be to run the vacuum over them. Depending on how deep they are, this may be enough to help the fibers move back to their original positions. 

If vacuuming away the indentations wasn’t good enough, you can try placing ice cubes on top of them and let them melt in place. It may sound crazy, but the coldness is another way to help the fibers regain their original shape and position. Once the ice cubes have melted, soak up any excess water with a cloth or sponge and use a spoon or your fingers to lift and fluff up the fibers.

You can also try giving the indentations a steam treatment to restore them to their previous condition. If you have a proper steam cleaner then this is a great time to break it out. If not, lay down a slightly damp cloth or tea towel and then go over the area with a steam iron. Leave the cloth in place for about 15 minutes afterwards, to let the dampness keep working its magic. After 15 minutes is up, remove the cloth and fluff up the fibers with your fingers or a spoon if necessary.

Trim Any Snags With Scissors

Carpet snags and loose fibers can make a carpet look old and worn. Fortunately, this problem has a fairly easy fix.

Simply take a pair of scissors and snip the loose fibers as close to the base as possible. Take care not to cut any other carpet fibers or you will be left with a lumpy, uneven carpet that may look even worse than the snags do!

Never pull out the loose fibers, no matter how loose they may seem, because this could cause more damage to the carpet.


Getting a clean and fresh looking carpet in your home doesn’t have to involve a trip to the carpet store. With Sheiner’s tips, you can restore your old carpet and get it looking like new again in no time. Good luck!


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