6 Best Commercial Floor Cleaning Supplies to Have On Hand?

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When you run a commercial cleaning service, supplying your staff with the right commercial floor cleaning supplies is one of the most important keys to success. Great employees and hard work go a long way but at the end of the day, a good cleaning job requires the best commercial cleaning supplies out there. 

Not sure what you should be stocking your supply closets and carts with? Here are some of the best commercial floor cleaning supplies that your company can’t simply can’t go without:

Commercial Floor Cleaner

It goes without saying that a good floor cleaning product should be the first thing to stock up on. After all, Sheiner’s wouldn’t even exist if plain water, a vacuum or a broom were enough to properly clean your floors!

The best commercial floor cleaning supplies will depend on the type of floor(s) you’re dealing with. The more specific you can get the better, whether that’s a hardwood floor cleaner, carpet cleaner or stone and tile cleaner

Products designed for the floor in question will not only remove dirt the best but prevent damage to the surface and help achieve the desired finish. They can also ensure safe traction; using the wrong type of product could result in a slippery surface posing a risk to your staff and customers alike.

Carpet Stain Remover

Sometimes, carpet stains require a bit more power than your typical floor cleaning products. Make sure to supply your cleaners with a stain remover for spot cleaning as they go. Not only will your customers be happy to see those stains quickly disappear, it helps to preserve the carpet in the long-term and save time and money on more frequent deep carpet cleaning.


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All-Purpose Cleaner

Yes, we’re contradicting point number one but hear us out. As much as you want to have commercial floor cleaning supplies that are as tailored to your environment as possible, a good all-purpose cleaner still has its place.

An all-purpose cleaner can save the day when you run out of a certain type of floor cleaner and pulls double-duty for cleaning surfaces beyond floors such as counters and sinks. 

In spaces where your staff have to carry their cleaning supplies up and down the stairs, using just one all-purpose commercial floor cleaning product as opposed to multiple ones can save time and give them one less thing to carry. It is also useful when storage space is limited or you are looking for ways to streamline your supply costs.

Broom and Dustpan

While perhaps not a “supply” per se, a good broom and dustpan are a must-have for your commercial floor cleaning supplies. Sweeping up dirt and loose debris before using any other cleaning tools or products ensures a better cleaning job and can also prevent unnecessary dirt or debris from clogging up powered cleaners.

Mop or Floor Scrubber

Beyond a trusty broom, a mop or floor scrubber is another critical commercial floor cleaning supply for your staff. After all, those floor cleaning products weren’t designed to just sit on the floor untouched!

What you use will depend on the type of floor(s) needing to be cleaned as well as other factors such as storage space, obstacles in the space and budget. The right cleaning tool, combined with a high-quality floor cleaning product, will give the deepest cleaning possible and leave your floors shining when you’re finished.

Paper Towel

No, your cleaners won’t be using this to actually clean the floors. Regardless, paper towel is still a handy commercial floor cleaning supply to always have on hand. It’s great for spot cleaning, cleaning up drips or spills of water or cleaning supplies as well as for use on surfaces aside from floors. 

Paper towel can even be a huge help for a bit of extra grip on lids that are stubborn about opening. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating a list of necessary commercial floor cleaning supplies, it’s one that simply can’t be left off.


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The best commercial floor cleaning supplies are to your cleaning staff as a sidekick is to a superhero. As a cleaning service owner or operator, supplying your staff with the best tools and products on the market is one of the best investments you can make for happy staff and customers alike.

Ready to build up your stock of cleaning products? View Sheiner’s full catalogue of commercial floor cleaning supplies now to see what our natural cleaning products made in the USA can bring to your company.

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